Fifi loves to hug. The more hugs the better! Fifi may look a bit grumpy in the picture, but that's only because he didn't get a hug. He is actually a sweet cuddly bear. 


Tips on Looking After Your Teddy

  • Light - They love being in sunlight occasionally for that nice summer tan, but too much will give them sunburns. 
  • Water - They don't get thirsty. 
  • TLC - Lots and lots of Tender, Love & Care please. 


*Medium: 83cm, Large: 120cm  

*Additional DELIVERY cost applies - $10 AUCKLAND CBD / $15 AUCKLAND REGION

*Colour may vary slightly due to lighting and excessive teddy naps during photoshoot

*No refund offered due to teddy temperaments, and no compensations for whatever chaos they might cause. 

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