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Orchids make elegant arrangements and decor. Their special shape and colour make them ideal gifts and a beautiful surprise for your loved ones. These exotic and stunning flowers can convey a silent message, symbolising a special moment between you and your recipient – whether it is strength, beauty or love.

Fun Fact: Orchid flowers always grow upside down when mature.

Growing Orchid Tips

  • Water- During warm months, water can be given freelly, but care must be taken to ensure the plants do not remain sodden for days on end. On hot days, plants will benefit from occasional misting, this helps to keep temperatures down and raise humidity. During winter months, water is best given on fine sunny days as early as possible to allow the plants time to dry off before nighfall. A dry plant is far less likely to suffer damage due to cold than a wet one. 
  • Light- Most orchids enjoy good light but require shelter from the strong late morning/early afternoon sun. Try to give your plants as much light as possible from late autumn through winter as this helps to mature and 'harden' the plant.
  • Fertiliser- When using fertilisers, it is good practice to thoroughly water your plants then apply the fertiliser. This ensures distribution of the fertiliser through out the pot and removes any risk of damage to the roots, which can happen if food is applied to dry plants. 

*Orchid color and pattern may vary slightly compared to images.

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