Saying More With Fresh Flowers: Finding the Perfect Florist Shop in Auckland


Few gestures are as classic, timeless and heartfelt as the act of sending flowers to someone. Whether as a birthday surprise, a gift to mark a momentous occasion or as a bright spot of comfort in a dark time, flowers can sometimes say far more than we ever could with words alone. At Matan Florist, we use this belief as the basis for the inspiration behind all our beautiful and unique flower arrangements. When you're looking for a flowershopinAuckland that's cut from a different cloth, you need only to start browsing our selection of bouquets, potted plants and more. While we acknowledge tradition, we also embrace the opportunity to create unique ways to express yourself.

As an Aucklandflorist, we like to engage with our customers. Though it is easy to walk in and purchase one of many pre-made arrangements to suit the occasion, we're just as ready to translate your ideas and feelings into something brand new. For example, do you know a special someone in SouthAuckland whose birthday is around the corner? Let us know a little bit about their personality (along with their favourite flowers if you can!), and we can create an arrangement in line with your ideas and budget. We can deliver too, even at short notice as long as orders are placed early in the day.

An easy way to find fresh flowers in Auckland

As timeless as flowers may be, that doesn't mean arrangements need to follow the same patterns all the time. We delight in breaking out of that mould and finding fun new ways to present freshflowers to our Auckland customers. Perhaps an anniversary is coming up, and you want to surprise your partner with a special expression of your love. Our Lady Anya arrangement could be the perfect choice: not a typical bouquet, but a beautiful display of roses hidden inside an elegant display box. From the outside, there's no indication of the natural splendour inside, but once your recipient pulls away the ribbon they'll reveal the surprise inside.


This is just one example of the approach we take, both from our AucklandCity location and our Manukau shop. What if you just want to give a unique gift to say "I'm thinking of you"? The NOÉ bag is perfect for this: not a vase, not a box, but a bag filled with flowers that you can tote with you or hang up as you like. This is one option you won't find at another florist in Auckland.

Fast, reliable delivery whenever you require

For complete information on how to order and arrange for delivery to East Auckland or elsewhere, please consult our delivery terms. We look forward to helping you express something through the magic that a gift of flowers can create. To find out more about other arrangements we can create, or if you have questions, please call Matan Florist today on 0800 083 5674.

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