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Cyclamen is poetry in motion, with beautiful heart shaped foliage and graceful blooms like upswept ballet skirts in shades of pastel hues. Its sweetly scented flowers add the subtle fragrance of heather, honey or lily-of-the-valley to your home.

Fun Fact: Many perfume have cyclamen as an ingredient in them. 

Growing Cyclamen Indoor Tips

  • Temperature: Cyclamen prefer cool temperatures, especially the winter. Warmer temperatures shorten the bloom time but won’t otherwise harm the plant. 
  • Light: Cyclamen prefer bright but indirect light. Keep your sheer curtains closed to filter and diffuse the light.
  • Water: Cyclamen like moist soil, but can’t tolerate standing water. Only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Before watering, remove the decorative pot cover. Soak your plant in the sink or in a shallow pan of water for about half an hour. Allow the plant to fully drain before replacing the pot cover and returning your cyclamen to its normal display location.
  • Encourage continuous flowering by removing any finished blooms. Simply twist the stalk and tug sharply to remove the spent flower. Also remove any yellow leaves to keep your plant looking its best.


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