Flower Delivery in South Auckland Unlike the Rest – Find Eclectic Flowers from a Florist Who is Not Afraid to Step Outside the Box

There’s so much choice when it comes to florists. You can’t go wrong with most of them as every bouquet is lovely when it’s fresh and healthy

Choose a florist in South Auckland who is not afraid to step outside the box when it comes to floral arrangements. Surprise family and friends with flowers from South Auckland that will keep them talking long after the flowers have served their purpose. Amaze even yourself with a bouquet to give your work and living spaces some life and excitement.

We’re florists who have been in business for 15 years and know the possibilities are endless when creating flower arrangements which garner attention and interest. Every florist brings their own personal touch when it comes to designing arrangements that are not only beautiful in person, but also photo worthy.

Visit one of our three locations and see how variety is woven into everything we do. Our Manukau location is our main shop, offering the largest selection of fresh flowers, bouquets, plants and even artificial arrangements made from silk. Our Britomart shop offers chic and elegant styles while our Ponsonby café has a curated collection of flowers and plants.

Have Flower Delivery in South Auckland Present Something Unique

We believe that flowers are fun and each bouquet should exemplify that. Whether they’re for a wedding, birthday, funeral or you just want to dress up your home a little, our arrangements tell a story.

We love creating unique arrangements in different colours and pairings that are difficult to find anywhere else. Things don’t end with our flowers either. Even our packaging exudes creativity as we use a variety of materials to hold your precious petals.

You’ll see us house arrangements in sturdy netted bags in a variety of colours, from rich and deep blues and berries to light and airy whites and pinks. Our other packaging options are gift bags, craft and tissue paper, hat boxes, burlap sacks, classic vases (which you can never go wrong with) and our very own Noe bag, which is unique to us, a clever way of carrying around your lovely arrangement. You get two gifts in one with our packaging since it can be reused after you’ve enjoyed your flowers.

Our Signature Rose

The exclusive Matan Rose is beautifully dyed in either blue or emerald, this flower brings peace and tranquillity to every setting. Send this bloom to a friend who needs something relaxing after a tough or busy week. Add soft toys and chocolates to make it extra special.

There’s so much more to explore with our arrangements. Contact us todayto learn more and have something really special delivered to you or a friend. We offer same day flower delivery for the entire Auckland district.

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