6 Reasons to Send Flowers Today and Where to Find a Florist or Flower Delivery in Auckland City

When was the last time someone sent you flowers in Auckland City? Remember the feelings of surprise and joy you received along with the thoughtful bouquet? The art of sending flowers is one that’s all too often overlooked in today’s busy world. Sending flowers to someone you love is a powerful way to brighten a bad day, send condolences or well wishes, say “I love you” or just make them smile. Need a reason to visit a florist in Auckland City today? Here are six.

  1. You want to show someone that you care

    Flowers are such a meaningful gift. They come from the heart and demonstrate to the recipient that you were thinking of them and that you care about them. Giving flowers to someone you love is just as rewarding as receiving them – maybe more so.

  2. You have something to celebrate

    You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to send flowers – there’s always something to celebrate! Perhaps your friend got a new job, your partner completed a DIY home renovation project, or the sun came up this morning – find something or someone to celebrate and send flowers to make their day even nicer.

  3. It’s been a while since you spoke

    Sometimes life gets in the way of important friendships – but that doesn’t mean these special people are any less important to us. Take the time to visit a flower shop in Auckland City today to send a bouquet to let that person know that even though you haven’t spoken in a while, they’re still on your mind.

  4. Random acts of kindness are the best

    We love random acts of kindness, from a simple smile to paying for someone’s coffee – and sending flowers is one of the best random acts of kindness. Try this: scroll through the contacts list on your phone, choose someone and send them flowers. You’ll make their day!

  5. Someone is having a bad day

    There are always bad days – they make the good days that much sweeter. However, they’re still no fun and flowers are the perfect way to cheer someone up. If someone you know has mentioned that they’re having one of those days (or weeks), give them a lift with a cheery bouquet and a thoughtful note.

  6. They’ll look great in your home

    Have you ever thought of sending yourself flowers? You can – and it’s really fun! Everything you can do for someone else by sending flowers – making them smile, lifting their mood, showing that you care – is something you can, and should, do for yourself too. (Bonus tip: ask if the florist will send them on a random day so that you’ll be surprised.)

Who to call for flower delivery in Auckland City

If you’d like to order a flower delivery in Auckland City for someone special, visit Matan Florist at one of our three locations. We love helping visitors to our shop express their feelings through beautiful, unique bouquets for every occasion. We take pride in our excellent service and fast response, and we provide flowers for a variety of occasions including weddings, dances, birthdays, funerals and “just because.” Contact Matan Florist today and make it a great day for someone you love.

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