Brighten Your Shop with Fresh Flowers From Our Manukau Florist

There is nothing like a bunch of brightly coloured fresh flowers for your Manukau shop to put a smile onto your customers’ faces. You can grab your customers’ attention and put them in a good mood for shopping in your store with our selection of flower arrangements. At Matan Florists, we have over 15 years of experience so we are certain we can make an arrangement to suit the atmosphere of your store.

We have a variety of flower arrangements to choose from including bouquets, boxed, vox boxes and vase options. All of our arrangements of fresh flowers for your Manukau store come presented to a high standard and with quality flowers so you can impress your customers as they walk in the door. We have unique designs and products so you can be assured that your flowers will stand out from the crowd.

If you choose to have your flowers arranged in a vase you can be confident that our vases add to the arrangement. Several options of vases include the Joy Bucket for a country chic look, and the Ice Princess which is a beautiful and elegant display in a crystal glass sphere. Alternatively, choose from other vases such as our flower sack and flower jar, or the unique Noe bag, which is sure to look beautiful sitting on your shop counter.

We aim to get your fresh flowers for your Manukau store arranged at a time to suit you and to save yourself the hassle of picking up your order, take us up on our flower delivery service. Contact us today to place your order and brighten your customers’ day.

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