Breathe New Life Into Your Office with Indoor Desk Plants – Get Plant Gifts Fast with Quality Service and Delivery in Auckland

Plants are more than just decorations for your tabletop or floor space. They serve many purposes, making people feel better, improving health and productivity. If you work in an office, you know how having energy means everything when it comes to getting things done promptly and done well.

Our indoor office plants in Auckland can deliver a pick-me-up, more than a cup of coffee can. They can also freshen the air and transform the dullest of environments. Especially if your office is enclosed from the outside elements, you can’t afford not to have plants that add balance to your space. Visit Matan Florist and we’ll take care of this for you.

We’ve been breathing new life into offices in the Auckland area for 15 years through our stunning flower arrangements and plants. We believe that plants and flowers are more than just decorations to look at, that they can heal and bring mental clarity. With our three locations in Manukau Westfield, Britomart and Ponsonby, you can’t miss us.

Our Indoor Plant Gifts in Auckland Are Not Only Healing, but Easy to Care For

Our indoor desk plants in Auckland are a must for your office. Stop relying on caffeine to stay alert and motivated, which does more harm than good – seek natural ways to increase productivity. If you find that your work keeps you inside most of the time, invest in plants to freshen up your space and remind you of the great outdoors.

Our Begonia in a Basket is perfect if you want some colour in your work life. Whether in a box or a basket, this arrangement is highly portable. Choose from bright yellow, red and orange in an equally cheerful matching box. Or choose a basket for some charm and turn your desk plant into an interesting conversation piece.

Perhaps go for something a little more simple and creative with our Kalanchoe. It’s a thick leafy plant with tiny floral buds in shades of red, yellow and pink. Its netted packaging makes it a breath of fresh air to have on your desk.

If you’re concerned about how your plant will survive in an office, don’t trouble yourself. Our indoor plant gifts in Auckland are ideal for warm climates and thrive in bright light, but away from direct sunlight. If your office has fresh air and ample light, they’ll be fine. If you have questions on how to care for a specific plant, don’t hesitate to let us know.

If You Can’t Make It to Our Shops We’ll Deliver at Your Convenience

Our indoor plant delivery in Auckland is a breeze to organise. We understand how busy your work life can be, so don’t neglect having plants because of this. Our office plant delivery in Auckland includes every plant and arrangement we produce and we’ll send them to you fresh and on time. You’ll be happy to know that we deliver the same day in the entire Auckland area, and no matter how short the time is for when you need it, we’ll do what we can to get it to you.

If you need your plants in a few hours for a last-minute birthday gift for a colleague, leave it to us. We’ll get it to you for just our regular delivery fee. Contact us today to transform the way you work and how you feel at the office.

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